1. Getting Things Done – an implementation with no compromise
dashboard David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) is a proven method to organize your life. In GOALS it is implemented with care. Quite frankly the simplifications imposed by other GTD applications left us with doubts and motivated us to create GOALS. With GOALS you can use the whole power of GTD as outlined in this help screen.
2. Calendar integration
calendar Let GOALS create Google Calendar events corresponding to your to-do items.
3. Refocus on change
refocus Our life is full of changes . Your to-do list has to change as fast as the situation changes. With the Refocus Wizard, GOALS provides a unique mechanism to keep your schedule up-to-date. Whatever happens.
4. Get visual help anywhere in the application
help Only in GOALS: Press the “?” button to see visual context help whenever you need it. The screens are explained the same way as they appear in GOALS.
5. The dashboard has it all
dashboard The dashboard is the place to start any activity. You’ll never lose control over GOALS.
6. Full or Lite?
dashboard Press the throttle pedal to toggle between the Full and the Lite version. The Full version brings you the whole power of GOALS. Lite is an excellent way to start. GOALS is powerful, nevertheless, most functions are optional. Hence to start off, you may use just a fraction of them. And later? Use what works best for you.
7. 3 minutes to spare?
dashboard New to GOALS? You’ll need no more than 3 minutes to get an overview of the application. Simply press the brake pedal to learn about the basics.
8. Let GOALS guide you
dashboard Want to learn more? The unique Guided Tour database makes learning GOALS a breeze. Simply follow the steps to see what GOALS can offer for you. When you prefer to discover GOALS on your own, use the Demo Database instead.
9. The dashboard depicts the concept of GOALS
dashboard Check out the screen showing how the dashboard reflects the concept of GOALS. Never lose the big picture: The projects are your goals. They consist of actions which you perform in your everyday life. Use the tools of GOALS to determine which actions should be performed and to plan ahead. Review your data to refresh the information about your projects.
10. Comprehensive textual help
dashboard A detailed textual context help is available.
11. Never lose overview
dashboard The Duration Summary shows you the estimated duration of tasks to be performed with respect to their urgency. The summary is available for any list of actions (tasks). Here it is shown for the to-do list.
12. Let others do it
dashboard A dedicated interface enables you to assign tasks to your teammates and friends, send task info and reminders and trace fulfillment status of the actions.
13. Maps
dashboard Perform your actions according to current contexts. Let the map display the contexts closest to your current location.
14. Notifiers
dashboard And finally: Never miss a task. Let GOALS notify you about them.